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Our Passion is

Extending Oil and Engine Life. 

One Eye Industries has been been building magnetic filters in the Rocky Mountain foothills since 1999.  Our family owned and operated  business has grown to help thousands of customers in 37 countries around the world.

Meet Roger, our founder.

Roger's Corner 01

Roger's Corner 01

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Bear Trap Magnetic Filters

c/o One Eye Industries Inc.

4344 12th Street SE
Calgary, AB  T2G 3H9

Phone: (403) 875-3310


Legend of the One Eyed Grizzly

The company name is based on the legend of a one-eyed grizzly bear who lived in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. One dark night, during a raging wind storm, a large, voracious grizzly ripped the door off a hunter’s camper. In self-defense, the terrified hunter shot at the raging bear, taking out the grizzly’s eye. The hunter swore that the look in the bear’s remaining eye was one of unrelenting revenge. The grizzly’s roar silenced the wind as he disappeared into the darkness.


From that day forward, famous hunters and intrepid game wardens desperately searched every mountain and valley to find this dangerous, wounded bear. He was never caught. He anticipated every trap. He outsmarted his competition. He became the cunning phantom grizzly named One Eye leaving his enormous paw prints everywhere as a reminder of his prowess.


As time passed, the legend of One Eye grew just as the grizzly grew larger, more powerful, and more menacing every year. So potent is this legendary bear that even today, all of his offspring possess only one eye, and are the most powerful and dangerous grizzlies in the world!


One Eye’s intelligence, determination, and ability to beat the odds is the perfect signature for our company and our brand.

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