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Construction worker driving a skid steer

Transmission metal wear particles are damaging your hydraulic system.


Most skid steers have a single reservoir and filter for both hydraulic and transmission fluid. This filter is unable to clean the particles under 20 microns in size that cause most wear and equipment failure.   It's the same story with engine oil and fuel filters.

Oil gets dirty

long before it wears out.* 


Your fluid filters do not 

capture the sub 20 micron particles that cause the

greatest wear damage.** 

Cut Open Filter 1 copy.jpg

Bear Trap™ magnetic filter pads buddy up with your transmission, oil and fuels filters to extend the life of your equipment by trapping even sub micron particles.

A used oil filter showing particles captured by the powerful Bear Trap™ Magnetic Filter Pad and missed by the filter.

How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

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