Diesel fuel contains sub 10 micron wear particles that are forced through 1-7 micron injector needles at over 36,000 psi.  Worn injectors reduce fuel economy.  Cleaner diesel reduces DPF problems.

Engine oil filters also do not  capture the sub 10 micron wear particles that cause almost all engine damage.*

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A used oil filter showing particles captured by the Bear Trap™ Magnetic Filter Pad.  These damaging  particles would otherwise be circulating through your engine. 

The Bear Trap™ BT800's unique Flex-Fit design and powerful rare earth magnet configuration penetrate deeply into your big rig fuel filter to trap and hold damaging abrasive particles.   The BT900 is even stronger and is suitable for oil filters of 4" diameter and larger.


Oil Analysis - 2002 Kenworth - CAT 3406  475hp Engine with 1.054 million miles (1.7 million km).

Randy O'Linyk, of Calgary, AB uses magnetic  filters on his engine oil, coolant and fuel.  Over a 12 year period he extended his oil change interval from the recommended 300 hours to 700 hours.  Using an average speed of 40 mph, the 12,000 mile oil change interval was stretched to 28,000 miles. (over 45,000 km).  The  engine oil analysis on the right shows the oil condition is excellent, even at 744 hours, or an estimated 29,760 miles.   

BT800 on Filter 2 copy.jpg

The images below from DieselPower Magazine below show the damage done to the injector nozzles from wear particles in the fuel (left side image) and the uneven fuel spray that can result (right side image). This can reduce power and fuel economy and cause injector mechanical and electrical (injector solenoid) failure due to wear and movement blockage due to silt buildup.


Why do over 200 companies in 37 countries trust Magnetic Filters?


After years of testing, the world's largest mining equipment now use magnetic filtration to double and triple maintenance intervals and double equipment life.  Hydraulic fluid, engine and gear oils, transmission fluid , diesel and coolant are magnetically filtered.  

*  SAE paper No. 650865 by Pfeifer & Finnigan


Pipelines, refineries, gas plant, petrochemical, ship loading and manufacturing facilities around the world rely on solutions from Black Powder Solutions Inc.  Magnetic filtration systems extend the life and maintenance interval of pumps and compressors by up to 2-3 times.