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​Clean oil


​Oil gets dirty long before it wears out.*  Your oil filter cannot  capture the sub 20 micron particles that cause the most engine damage.**  

How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

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<clearance under load diagram> 

Photo micrograph submicron.JPG

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Bear Trap™ magnetic filter pads buddy up with your filter to extend the life of your engine by trapping even sub micron particles as shown above. 

The Bear Trap™ Flex-Fit design and powerful rare earth magnet configuration penetrate deep into your filter to trap and hold damaging particles.   It snaps on instantly and slides easily into the tightest spaces.

The Bear Trap™ can be reused over and over.  Folks have trusted Bear Trap™ for over 15 years of continuous service!

Cut Open Filter 1 copy.jpg

A used oil filter showing particles captured by the Bear Trap™ Magnetic Filter Pad.

BT500 on Filter 2 copy.jpg

*  U.S. Bureau of Standards states in Bulletin No. 86

**  SAE paper No. 650865 by Pfeifer & Finnigan

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