Most oil doesn't wear out, it just gets dirty.*

Bear Trap™ Magnetic Filter Pads  buddy up with your oil filter to capture the sub 20 micron particles your filter cannot trap.  This extends the life of your oil and filter by 2X to 3X and could save you hundreds of dollars per year in oil and filter changes.    Cleaner engines last longer.

Cut Open Filter 1 copy.jpg

A used oil filter showing particles captured by the Bear Trap™ Magnetic Filter pad  that the filter element missed.

The Bear Trap™ patent pending Flex-Fit design and powerful rare earth magnet configuration penetrate deeply into your filter to trap and hold damaging grit.

They are reusable over and over again.  People have trusted Bear Trap™ for over 15 years. 

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Industrial Solutions


After years of testing, the world's largest mining equipment now use magnetic filtration to double and triple maintenance intervals and double equipment life.  Hydraulic fluid, engine and gear oils, transmission fluid, diesel, coolant and even grease are magnetically filtered.  


Pipelines, refineries, petrochemical, ship loading, offshore platform and manufacturing facilities around the world rely on solutions from a sister company, Black Powder Solutions.  Magnetic filtration systems extend the life and maintenance interval of pumps, compressors and components by up to 2-3 times. 

*  U.S. Bureau of Standards states in Bulletin No. 86