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Today's high performance engines have far tighter machining tolerances than those of the 1970s, when ISO filtration standards were developed.  Automotive oil filters have not kept pace.  Even premium filters do not capture particles smaller than 20 microns.

Under most driving conditions, oil gets dirty before it wears out.*  Your oil filter cannot  capture the sub micron particles that cause the most engine damage.**  Bear Trap™ magnetic filter pads buddy up with your filter and help to extend the life of your engine by trapping even sub micron particles to protect your high performance engine.  

Sub micron particles captured

by the Bear Trap Magnetic filter pad.

Photo micrograph submicron.JPG

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How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

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Cut Open Filter 1 copy.jpg

A used oil filter showing particles captured by the BearTrap™ Magnetic Filter Pad (on backside), that the filter element missed.

The Bear Trap™ Flex-Fit fit design and powerful rare earth magnet configuration traps and holds damaging particles.

BT500 on Filter 2 copy.jpg

*  U.S. Bureau of Standards states in Bulletin No. 86

**  SAE paper No. 650865 by Pfeifer & Finnigan

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