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​It is worth the best engine protection. 

Your oil filter cannot  capture the sub micron particles that cause the most engine damage.** 


Bear Trap™ magnetic filter pads buddy up with your filter and help to extend the life of your engine by trapping even sub micron particles as shown on the right. 

Bear Trap™ is powerful protection for your investment.

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How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

How Bear Trap Magnetic Filters Work

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Cut Open Filter 1 copy.jpg

A used oil filter showing particles captured by the BearTrap™ Magnetic Filter Pad.

The Bear Trap™ Flex-Fit design and powerful rare earth magnet configuration trap and hold damaging particles.  It can be re-used over and over.   The Bear Trap™ filter pads have been trusted in continuous service for over 15 years!

BT500 on Filter 2 copy.jpg

*  U.S. Bureau of Standards states in Bulletin No. 86

**  SAE paper No. 650865 by Pfeifer & Finnigan

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